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Dessert - Lovelink

Don’t call me updon’t want to hear it.

Duncan Cooper @ FADER:

I love this. There’s about seven songs contained in “Lovelink”—some stomping, some shivering, cop sirens, Prefuse-y bleep-synths, slowed-down gabber drums even, and most importantly a soft voice that dances across the track like if you dismissively flicked a caterpillar and, as it flew through the air, it turned into a butterfly and just hung out. 

The Honourable Woman's recurring aliens joke: "These aliens decide to invade Earth, and to show they mean business what they do is first they destroy London and New York (and Paris), and then they land right on the green line between Israel and the West Bank. And they decide to call a meeting between the Palestinian Authority and the Israeli government, and their message is simple: resistance is useless, lay down your arms… I can’t really tell you the detail of what happened next but basically by the end of it your sympathy was with the aliens."

Lost For Words by Edward St Aubyn

Written with great fluidity, Lost For Words is light on its feet and very entertaining. 

[And congrats for winning the Wodehouse comic fiction prize 2014]