The real Leonard Zelig

Leonard Zelig is, of course, based on real life icon Colonel Sanders, who possessed an uncanny knack for being present at all historically significant events during his illustrious lifetime: the invasion at Normandy, the signing of the Magna Carta, D-Day, and, pictured here, the signing of the treaty at Versailles at the end of World War 1. This incomparable life was tragically cut short when an attempt to add a 14th ingredient to the secret recipe for spicy chicken wings mixed an ill-conceived use of enriched uranium with the pickled brain of Mr. Gerbick, the legendary half-shark, half-alligator, half-man. The resulting chain reaction turned the poor Col. Sanders into a cloud of charm quarks so pure in form that Schrodinger’s equation was proved on the spot by a gaggle of doctoral candidates who happened to be nearby. The Col. retreated into their mainframe as a bodiless AI, the original Ghost in the Shell, where he remains to this day pulling the strings of Vice President Al Gore, the inventor of the internet.


Courtesy of Matthew