Derek Cianfrance talking about casting Australian actor Ben Mendelsohn for The Place Beyond The Pines (via DP/30):

I wanted to have a meeting with him for Pines. He showed up three hours early to the casting room. He looked like a wreck. He had on a bracelet, I couldn’t tell if it was from a party the night before or if it was from the hospital. He said to me: “Look, mate, I hope you don’t have me audition for you, because if you have me audition for you, that’ll be the last thing I get to do for you. But if you just give me the role, I’ll carry a spear for you.” And I said “OK you’ve got the role.”

The role he plays in Pines was written as a guy who had no teeth. Immediately Ben said  “What are we gonna do about the teeth, Dad?”–because for some reason, he started calling me dad.  I said “what do you think we should do about the teeth?” And he said  “Well, I’ve had quite  a lot of dental work done. I would be more than happy to call my dentist and have my teeth pulled for you.” And I said “Ok, just give me your dentist’s number”.  This shows you how crazy your head can be when you’re trying to make something great. You make insane decisions. So a week later, I had Mendelsohn’s dental records—his dental xrays—in my possession, and we were booking a trip for him to got to Australia to get his teeth pulled. And thankfully my producers told me absolutely not. They’re not gonna buy a ticket for Ben to go to Australia and that I could not allow him to get his teeth pulled. So I kicked and screamed, Ben kicked and screamed. And thankfully they won.… In this case, I was only thinking about the movie, Ben was only thinking about the movie, and they were thinking about real life outside of it…. On the day before we started shooting, I remember I was sitting with Ben at a farm stand, and we were eating peaches. I remember watching the juice drip down his chin and thinking to myself how thankful I was we didn’t get his teeth pulled… That he could eat peaches.