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Arcade Fire - We Exist


The best music videos are a fully realized version of their song’s premise, a compelling visual adaptation of its themes. Here, the Grammy winners have emerged with a David Wilson directed video that is at once strange and sweet, unexpected and beautiful, teaming up with actor Andrew Garfield to tell a story that benefits from his total commitment to the performance, and from the singular tension between live and recorded art.

Filmed in part during their headlining set at Coachella — and afterwards in a bedroom, a bar, a dance floor — that performance is given new and layered meaning through this release, one that suggests a new way to integrate performance with video. It accomplishes this while also presenting polished visuals, and a relevant social message well-suited to the song, without ever feeling redundant or self-important. 

Reflektor is out on Merge Records, pretty much everywhere. This is the second single. 

Kiesza - Hideaway



Are we in a new golden age for dance videos? Here, Kiesza gives us gorgeous choreography performed in a single take for “Hideaway.” It’s the classically trained Canadian ballerina’s debut single, filmed with a broken rib, before debuting at the top of the UK singles chart last month. 

With Arcade Fire’s recent entry into the genre, the continuing reign of Beyonce and Justin Timberlake, plus upcoming releases from dance vid queen Robyn, and even a posthumous album from genre originator Michael Jackson, it seems the long tradition of getting down in front of a camera is on a rise.

Every dance club & radio station has been blasting this virtually non-stop since January. And it’s still the best.

Mutual Benefit - Let’s Play’/Statue of a Man



Although the new video for Mutual Benefit’s ‘Let’s Play’/Statue Of A Man’ isn’t much more than images of the band’s mastermind Jordan Lee walking through a cloudy landscape, director Stefan Grabowski managed to fit the visual against the track perfectly.

Hands down my favourite song of 2013.

Kishi Bashi - Carry On Phenomenon

Carry On Phenomenon

Kishi Bashi


Kishi Bashi - Carry On Phenomenon

So last week, there was this dood (me) who was blasting Kishi Bashi on repeat from room 140 of the Grand Park Esil (Astana, Kazakhstan), dancing frenetically to the sound of their new album. The whole event was (heavily) sponsored by Karaganda beer. 

Random 1: dancing like no one’s watching is even better when no one is actually watching.

Random 2: collecting tips (other than booze) on how to cope with stress. Pumping up the volume and having a dancing fit is a good one. Although one does need headphones that can take the volume up to 11.